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The Things You have to Know About Protein-Sparing Fasting

People who are overweight are usually given the protein-sparing fast diet. For those under this diet program, they have to go through it for a short time only. Once this diet program is done the client has to proceed to the actual weight-loss program. Though it is designed to help individuals who are very obese, the protein-sparing fast can be harmful when not well-examined by someone who is knowledgeable with it, so one ought to ask questions first before having it.

In this form of diet, you lessen your calorie intake to an extremely low level and only take in enough protein for an acceptable tissue mass and micronutrient amount. The starvation you do here does not make you lose all that muscle mass you normally have. All of the calories come from the proteins you eat, and most of the calories you burn come from fat. When that happens, fat becomes your main source of energy. With this diet, the reliance on carbohydrates for energy is prevented.

Persons undergoing the protein-sparing fast have to take-in food with high-quality protein content. The common meat that you would eat in this diet are chicken breast and tuna. If you do not eat those kinds of food then you can having protein shakes, cottage cheese, and tofu. The lesser protein you have the more weight is lost by your body. There are other improvements in adapting the protein-sparing fast diet like having a healthier levels of blood sugar, blood pressure, and blood lipids. Some health journals presented results on its effectiveness in helping diabetic patients. To combat dizziness during the initial phase of the diet plan, patients have to eat some more salt to improve their state of health. There were also concerns like constipation and hair loss yet the patients were determined to finish the diet program and get the results they want.

What sets apart protein-sparing fast from rabbit starvation is the added medical-supervision for the patients undergoing it. In rabbit starvation, people undergo strenuous movements but in the protein-sparing fast they do not do that. As mentioned earlier this diet program is for those who are obese, so the muscles and organs are not broken down, only the fat. People who undergo this diet program are informed of the risk they are taking and that the program is only for a short time. Patients who have lost weight, normally experienced hunger, coldness, and lower energy. It should be noted that this diet program is not perfect for maintaining weight-loss. To maintain the weight-loss a consistent eating habit should be observed so that the good results are sustained. Remember that the protein-sparing fast is just the beginning, another type of diet should follow it afterwards.

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